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At York Garage Door Guys, we provide comprehensive garage door maintenance services in Aurora and surrounding areas. Our skilled specialists are committed to ensuring your garage door runs smoothly and effectively, reducing the possibility of unplanned malfunctions and extending its lifespan.

Garage Door Repair Services in Aurora

Lubrication: Your garage door must operate smoothly for all moving parts to be adequately lubricated. We carefully inspect and lubricate hinges, rollers, springs, and tracks to prevent friction and reduce wear and tear.

Tightening and Adjustment: Over time, nuts, bolts, and other hardware can loosen, affecting the alignment and performance of your garage door. Our technicians tighten and adjust all components to ensure proper functionality and safety.

Garage Door Repair Aurora

Safety Inspection: Safety is our top priority. During maintenance visits, we thoroughly inspect your garage door system to identify any potential hazards or issues. We promptly address worn-out cables, damaged springs, misaligned tracks, and malfunctioning safety sensors to prevent accidents.

Cleaning: Your garage door’s functionality and appearance may be impacted by dust, dirt, and debris buildup on a number of its components. We clean and remove debris from tracks, rollers, and other elements to keep your garage door operating smoothly and looking its best.

Weather Stripping Replacement: Proper weather sealing is essential for keeping your garage insulated and protected from the elements. We inspect and replace worn-out weather stripping to maintain energy efficiency and prevent moisture intrusion.

Opener Maintenance: Your garage door opener is an essential component of your garage door operation. We inspect and test the opener, lubricate its components, and adjust settings to ensure reliable performance.

Educational Tips: As part of our service, we provide valuable tips and recommendations for maintaining your garage door between professional visits. It includes guidance on regular cleaning, visual inspections, and signs to watch out for that may indicate potential issues.

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