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Garage doors are essential parts of any home, and they require proper maintenance to ensure they remain in good working condition. However, with regular use, some parts of the garage door may wear out or break, and you may need to replace them. Additionally, there are various accessories that you can add to your garage door to enhance its functionality and improve its appearance.

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Springs: Garage door springs are an essential component that helps lift and lower the door. They come in two types, torsion and extension springs, and they have different lifespans. If you notice that your garage door is not opening or closing smoothly, it may be time to replace the springs.

Rollers: Garage door rollers allow the door to move up and down the tracks. They come in various materials such as steel, nylon, and plastic. If you hear a grinding noise when opening or closing the door, the rollers may be worn out and need replacement.

Hinges: Garage door hinges connect the door sections, allowing the door to bend as it moves up and down the tracks. They come in various sizes, and if you notice that the door is sagging or crooked, you may need to replace the hinges.

Cables: Garage door cables are responsible for lifting and lowering the door, and they work together with the springs. If the cables are frayed or broken, it is important to replace them as they can cause the door to fall and cause injury.

Garage Door Parts
Garage Door Parts

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Keypad Entry Systems: Keypad entry systems allow you to open the garage door by entering a code instead of using a remote or key. They are convenient and ideal for families with children who may forget or misplace keys.

Remote Controls: Remote controls allow you to open and close the garage door from the comfort of your car. They come in various styles and sizes, and you can choose one that matches your garage door opener.

Decorative Hardware: Decorative hardware adds a touch of style to your garage door, and it can include handles, hinges, and door knockers. They come in various materials such as wrought iron, bronze, and stainless steel.

Regular maintenance of your garage door is essential to ensure it remains in good working condition. If you notice any issues with the garage door parts, it is important to replace them promptly to avoid further damage. Additionally, adding accessories such as keypad entry systems, remote controls, and decorative hardware can enhance the functionality and appearance of your garage door.

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