Summer Garage Door Safety: What You Need to Know

As the warm summer months approach, homeowners often find themselves focusing on outdoor activities and home improvements. However, amidst the excitement, it’s crucial not to overlook the safety of one of the most frequently used entry points to your home – the garage door. Ensuring your garage door is safe during summer protects your property and loved ones and prevents costly repairs down the line. Here are some essential summer garage door safety tips to keep in mind:

Regular Maintenance Checks: Before the summer heat sets in, inspect your garage door for signs of wear and tear. Look out for loose or frayed cables, damaged rollers, and misaligned tracks. Addressing these issues can prevent more significant problems later on.

Lubricate Moving Parts: The summer heat can exacerbate friction between moving parts of your garage door, leading to premature wear. Regularly lubricate hinges, rollers, and springs with a high-quality lubricant to keep them functioning smoothly.

Keep Sensors Clear: Ensure that the photo-eye sensors, located on either side of the garage door, are free from any obstructions such as dust, debris, or overgrown vegetation. These sensors are critical in detecting objects or people in the door’s path and preventing accidents.

Test Safety Features: Place an object in the way of the closing door, like a block of wood, to test your garage door opener’s auto-reverse feature. If the door does not reverse when it comes into contact with the object, there might be a problem that needs to be fixed immediately by a qualified technician.

Stay Clear During Operation: Remind family members and pets to keep a safe distance from the garage door while it is in operation. Avoid placing hands or feet near moving parts, and never attempt to repair or adjust the door yourself if you’re not trained.

Secure Remote Controls: With summer activities often involving travel or outdoor gatherings, securing your garage door remote controls is essential to prevent unauthorized access to your home. Consider investing in a keychain remote or keeping the remote in a secure location when not in use.

Maintain Battery Backup: If the battery backup system on your garage door opener is installed, make sure the batteries are new and in good condition. It ensures that your garage door remains operational even during power outages, providing convenience and security.

Schedule Professional Inspection: Finally, consider scheduling a professional inspection and maintenance service for your garage door before the summer months kick into full gear. Experienced technicians can identify potential issues early on and perform necessary repairs or adjustments to keep your garage door functioning optimally.

You may feel secure knowing that your garage door is functioning securely and effectively all season long by paying attention to these summer garage door safety tips from York Garage Door Guys. Keep in mind that putting up with maintenance and safety precautions will safeguard your belongings and your loved ones’ safety.

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